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On this page read our list of the Top Five Dinosaur Gifts.

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Top 5 Dinosaur Toy Gifts

On this page we feature our top five dinosaur gift ideas.

When it comes to birthday and Christmas gift ideas, dinosaur toys often feature large in many kids wishlists.

Parents and grandparents are often tempted to go with the big ticket item that comes in the largest box. These are often remote control, interactive or animatronic toys. But often the big winners in terms of both value for money and play value are the smaller sets of dinosaur figures.

1. Dinosaur Playsets

Neat-Oh! Dinosaur Playset
Neat-Oh! Dinosaur Playset by Brainstorm

An easy winner at number one on our list of the top five dinosaur gifts are dinosaur playsets.

Choose the right playset, and there are loads to choose from, and your young dino fan will be transported back in time for many, many hours of great fun imaginative play.

Whilst there are many boxed sets and plastic packs of dinosaur figure collections, we really recommend investing in a playset that combines a great selection of detailed figures with a playmat.

One set that really stands out from the crowd is the Neat-Oh! branded Dinosaur Playset by Brainstorm. Brainstorm Ltd specialize in unique educational toys. The Neat-Oh! playset is a storage chest that folds out into a wonderful playmat. As the set comes with very few dinosaur figures you will want to buy a few more to go with it.

2. Dinosaur Puzzles

Dinosaur Puzzle by Melissa & Doug
Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Floor Puzzle

Dinosaur floor puzzles are a great way to engage children in learning about the different Dinosaurs and the eras in which they lived.

The best type by far for kids are the larger floor puzzles. We've found that those in the Melissa & Doug range really stand the test of time. Young dinosaur fans return to jigsaw puzzles again and again and always have the same sense of achievement at completing the puzzles.

Dinosaur Stamp Set by Melissa & Doug
Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Stamp Set

3. Dinosaur Stamp Sets

You'll have gathered that we love anything that will occupy and engage kids. One toy that is both fun and engaging, and one you may not have already considered, is a colouring and stamp set.

We make no excuses for featuring a second item by award-winning brand Melissa & Doug, the Dinosaur Stamp Set. This beautiful set contains 5 coloured pencils and 8 dinosaur stamps in a wooden tray box. Simple, timeless, well made and great fun. What's more, no electronic sound and light effects whatsoever and no batteries to run out either!

Volcano with T-Rex by Playmobil
Playmobil Dinos Volcano with T-Rex

4. Playmobil Dinos

We'd encourage anyone to have a go at building their own dinosaur world with whatever materials you have to hand - old cartons and boxes, papier mache and paint etc.

However, should you require your very own ready-made land of the dinosaurs right out of the box, then Playmobil Dinos Volcano with T-Rex will fit the bill nicely.

The Volcano with T-Rex set is a little pricey, but we've included it for those with larger budgets, although as we all know an expensive toy is not necessarily a good toy. Kids from preschool age up to 10 years old just love playing with Playmobil. This all-action set comes with an erupting volcano, giant t-rex, ankylosaurus, two dinosaur hunters and many other accessories.

5. Animatronic Dinosaurs

As we've already hinted at, you should think long and hard before splashing out on an interactive or remote control dinosaur. Often these toys look great in the packaging, only to underwhelm, frustrate and ultimately disappoint when unpacked. Many times they remain unplayed with long before the first set of batteries has run out.

In our experience younger preschool and school age children get far more from simple dinosaur figures and playsets. They can use their own imaginations to make up prehistoric scenarios resulting in endless hours of unstructured play. Older kids, however, may get more fun out of remote control toys (and are less likely to break them) and also appreciate their value as display pieces when not being played with.

That being said, we've included remote control dinosaurs in our top five because for a child of the right age, they can be an absolute dream come to true. An animated toy with sounds and lights can bring dinosaurs to life right in your living room!

The popular robotic baby camarasaurus Pleo dinosaur toy was latterly made by Ugobe toys using the latest animatronics. This toy is more of a kids ride on dinosaur and would definitely appeal more to preschoolers.

Kota the Triceraptops is another very populart animatronic dinosaur toy made by US toy giant Hasbro.

Teksta T-Rex
Teksta T-Rex

Teksta T-Rex is a remote controlled t-rex toy with interactive light and sound effects. Heavily TV promoted, Teksta easily predates his way onto kids wishlists, although astute parents may have other ideas about how long he will really keep their children engaged.

Teksta has apparently evolved 'emotional intelligence' so that he can be controlled by hand movements and is touch sensitive. This undoubtedly makes him a top retail predator and one that, at number 5, just sneaks into our list of the best dinosaur gifts.