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On this page we list our Top Two Dinosaur Toy Makers.

Some tough choices had to be made to cut the list down, but in the end there remained just two stand out manufacturers - Papo and Schleich.


German toy company Schleich are one of the best known and best loved dinosaur toy makers. The firm was founded by Friedrich Schleich in 1935. The company has made figurines since the 50's but began its dinosaur range in the 80's.

Schleich toy dinosaurs are handpainted replica models at a 1:40 scale. Their range is expanding with new models being added all the time. The detail and accuracy is impeccable making them amongst the most exciting and yet affordable toy dinosaurs on the market.

Schleich are renowned for including parents, teachers and children in their design thinking. They do their best to ensure that their dinosaur products are both tactile and educational. Each Schleich toy dinosaur is carefully researched to make it as realistic and naturalistic as possible.

Toy Triceratops

The all important design, sculpting and tooling stages of production are all done in house at Schleich's German headquarters and the dinosaurs are sold worldwide.

More recent Schleich dinosaurs feature articulation in the lower jaw.

smilodon by Papo toys


Also making our top two list is Papo even though they have only been in the dinosaur game since 2005.

French toy designers Papo, amongst an incredible collection of figurines, also make a fantastic range of detailed toy dinosaurs. The detail on Papo dinosaurs rivals Schleich and really brings their models to life.

King of the range is the T-Rex which Papo have released in both green and brown, and you can even find baby T-Rex in both colours too! The range extends into ice age dinosaurs including the Wooly Mammoth, Rhino and awesome Smilodon.