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Top Ten Dinosaur Toys

We've compiled our list of the top ten best dinosaur toys. This list excludes electronic, remote control and animatronic dinosaurs many of which are included on our Gifts page. Our top ten list only features dinosaurs that do not require batteries as its our belief that these toys, powered solely by imagination, have much more enduring play value.

Running Green T-Rex by Papo
At Number One: Running Green T-Rex by Papo

  1. T-Rex by Papo We went for the green running stance version with the black stripes, though this figure can also be found in brown. Papo also make a standing T-Rex but we prefer the running action stance which faces forward and offers vastly more play possibilities. This T-Rex has a frightening level of detail. Made of hard plastic the teeth are quite sharp and the head is really scaly. The figure has articulation on the lower jaw so that the mouth opens quite wide. The scale is also ideal standing 13cm high and being 32cm from head to tail. Quite simply, our top pick.

  2. Allosaurus by Papo
    2. Allosaurus by Papo
  3. Allosaurus by Papo This figure is slightly smaller than the Papo T-Rex at 10cm high and 25cm long. It has great spines along the back and the paint application is superb. We love the walking stance, opening mouth, the sharp teeth and the nice curve in the tail. A worthy number two.

  4. Therizinosaurus by Schleich
    3. Therizinosaurus by Schleich
  5. Therizinosaurus by Schleich First released in 2014, this figure has a dramatic blue belly and legs coupled with vibrant red on the head and back. Therizinosaurus has very long claws on arms that move in addition to the lower jaw. The mouth has both teeth and a beak. Standing 20cm tall this toy towers above most other dinosaur figures and, at number three, is our top pick from Schleich.

  6. Carnotaurus by Schleich
    4. Carnotaurus by Schleich
  7. Carnotaurus by Schleich Facing directly forward with its two sharp horns, this carnotaurus figure really lives up to its name 'meat eating bull'. The paintwork works really well with subtle silver/grey patches along its side and an overall stunning dark reddish purple colour. The spine is studded with spines, the mouth opens, and it stands well on its two feet being superbly balanced. This figure is 10cm tall and 23cm long. Recommended.

  8. Spinosaurus by Papo
    5. Spinosaurus by Papo
  9. Spinosaurus by Papo At number five Spinosaurus has stunning green eyes like a crocodile. The lower jaw opens quite far and it stands quite well on large feet, though is sometimes prone to toppling over. This figure would have ranked higher but the head is fixed to one side which is not everyone's favourite for playing, and, the spines could have had more colour; they are basically just green. The height is 13cm and the length 30cm.

  10. Pentaceratops by Schleich
    6. Pentaceratops by Schleich
  11. Pentaceratops by Schleich Also newly released in 2014, pentaceratops has an interesting stance with one front leg raised. It has a good, detailed beaked mouth, wonderful spiked armour and two colours on the horns - silver and brown.The main paint application is red with black bands. This toy is 12cm high and 18cm long. At number 6, the Schleich pentaceratops is our highest ranking plant eater.

  12. Ankylosaurus by Papo
    7. Ankylosaurus by Papo
  13. Ankylosaurus by Papo This figure is in the attack pose with the club tail raised ready to strike. It has very good detail and colouration on the spikes covering the back whilst the side stripes have many different colours. At 8.5 cm high and 13cm long, ankylosaurus is our second highest ranking plant eater.

  14. Velociraptor by Schleich
    8. Velociraptor by Schleich
  15. Velociraptor by Schleich Velociraptor has an opening mouth, sharp, hooked claws, and crouched action stance. The figure is brown with yellow flecks and has a fine long whip-like tail. Velociraptor stands 9cm high and is 17cm long. Toy velociraptors look great when hunting in packs.

  16. Smilodon by Papo
    9. Smilodon by Papo
  17. Smilodon by Papo Not strictly a dinosuar, we couldn't resist sneaking this amazing ice age sabre tooth cat into our top ten. Papo's smilodon has a crouched pre-pouncing stance. The body is a sandy colour and the underbelly fur is white. The mouth is open with twin sabres but has no articulation. The height is 7cm and the length 16cm. Despite the lack of articulation, this is a really cool looking, fierce figure.

  18. Allosaurus by Schleich
    10. Allosaurus by Schleich
  19. Allosaurus by Schleich This well-balanced figure has a detailed, sculpted head with protective frills above the eyes. The lower jaw opens fairly wide. The tail of the Schleich allosaurus curves up and the arms hook down giving an interesting action pose. However, we placed the Papo allosaurus a lot higher at number two for its greater detail and much better colouring.

Some dinosaur toys that didn't quite make our top ten we felt were still worthy of mention.

Schleich Dilophosaurus just missed out due to its small size, bulky arms and general lack of detail. The Schleich Velociraptor (smaller size) we felt has oversized front claws and lacks the opeing jaw. Toyway's Diploducus for the Natural History Museum is a great long neck plant eater though could have had a more interesting pose and greater detail on the head.

Our top ten dinosaur toys turned out to be an epic battle between toy makers Papo and Schleich. We feel that, overall, Papo dinosaur figures currently have the evolutionary edge over their Schleich rivals, though they are generally slightly more expensive.